5 Facts about Falcon - Who Just Might Be New Captain America

It is still unclear what will happen to Captain after the events of Civil War. The comics shows Steve Rogers dead at the end of Civil War but movies haven't been really following the story in same manner. Falcon is official new Captain America in comics but we are still not sure if Marvel with continue with Steve Rogers or its time for a new Captain America. It is highly likely that Marvel will go with Falcon as the new Captain, ust like in comics and looks like its time for Sam WIlson to pick up the shield.

Among all the uncertainties with next Captain, Just flicky brings you top 5 fatcs about Falcon, who ust might be the new Captain America:

1. He is the First Black Superhero of Marvel Universe. Black Panthor must have been the first to appear in comincs, but he was the first on screen.

2. He can talk to birds. He has the power to communicate telepathically with birds, epecially, the Redwing.

3. He took on Red Skull on his own. It is also tru that Hydra gave powers to Falcon in his original original incarnation.

4. Black Panthor designed his wings. Yes, he needed new wings to fight Anti-Cap and Black Panther comes up for the help.

5. He is a social worker and ran even for the office after settling in.