5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Finding Dory

Finding Dory has been a tremendous success for Pixar and Walt Disney Pictures, setting new records on box offices and making huge money for the production houses. The movie is release after a long wait of 13 years and is sequel of previous success Finding Nemo. To celebrate the huge success of the movie, we have collected five facts about Finding Dory that you probably didn’t know about earlier:


Hank - The Septopus

Hank is probably the most difficult and complex character for Pixar until now. The octopus has only seven tentacles and is missing one because they developed the body separately and only seven of the tentacles fit. Another thing that makes Hank the most complex character is the fact that it took twenty two week for animators to give him right shade and color.

Dory’s Language Skills

Yeah, we know that Dory don’t have great language skills but she can speak the language of whales. Wonder where she learnt that from? Well, Destiny is the one who taught her the whale language and maybe the reason why Dory isn’t too good with this language.


The Huge Numbers of Storyboards and Frames

The production team created a massive 289,240,840 frames for the movie and they submitted 103,639 frames to the editorial team. Now that’s a huge number. 


Psychology Plays an Important Role

The creators studied adoption psychology to better understand the emotions and make Dory adjust in her with Nemo and Marlin. They understand the science that derives our emotions and how someone adjusts to a new environment.


A Real Surgeonfish Fact in Last

Dory is a Surgeonfish and these can live up to 30 years in open waters but keeping them in aquarium isn’t  such great idea because they will live up to a maximum of 8 years, that too under best conditions. So yeah, let those fish swim.