7 Captain America Facts That You Should Know About

Captain America: Civil War is breaking all the record and people have been calling it the best marvel movie ever. This fight between the superheros is driving people crazy and the movie is set to record all records. Now if the fanboy inside you is looking for more information about your favourite superhero, Just Flicky has gathered 7 mind blowing facts about “The First Avenger”. Here you go:

1. He is worthy of Mjolnir

It is well known that strength is not what it takes to lift Thor’s Hammer. The print on the hammer reads “Whosever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” Anyone who wants to get hold of Mjolnir should have a pure heart and noble mind and we all know the character Captain America posses. Steve Rogers was able to pick the hammer once when Thor is separated from Mjolnir and captain wants to return to him. Thor was surprised but congratulated Cap for having a noble heart.

2. He is Older than Marvel Comics

Captain America was created in 1940, way before Marvel Comics and this makes makes him First Avenger, although he was not a part of initial Avengers team until the fourth comic. He wasn’t originally created by Stan Lee either.

3. He took over Batman and the fight was equal

Yes, you read this one right. Captain America fought Batman during a rare Marvel/DC Comics crossover and drew. Bruce Wayne even said that Captain might even defeat him, given enough time for the combat. Don’t forget this is Batman we are talking about and he defeated Superman single handedly!

4. He was once a Werewolf and beat the shit out of Wolverine

Captain was injected with a serum that turned him into a warwolf and showed his animal side. He came across Wolverine, who was berserker rage at the time and beat the shit out of him.

5. He is not sure about French

Captain America tries to do what’s right, no matter for any specific country and one of the example of this is that he doesn’t necessarily hate french People. He has praised the fact that French people kept fighting, even after their country was defeated.

6. Steve Rogers isn’t the Only Captain America

The events of Civil War leads to death of Steve Rogers, something that might not be replicated in movie. Bucky took the role of his best friend Captain America after Civil War and Falcon is the current Captain America according to Marvel Universe.

7. Chris Evans declined offer to play Captain America 3 times

Yes, Chris Evans declined the offer to play Captain America and said yes to play only after reading more about him. He has said that he decided to play the role because of noble character of Captain.

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