Game of Thrones – Is This Where Lady Stoneheart Shows Up?

 One of the beloved characters from book that has been missing from television adaption is Lady Stoneheart – Catelyn Stark after coming back from the dead. According to the books after the red wedding, Arya’s direwolf Nymeria found the body of lady Stark from a river after three days of red wedding and that is discovered by Brotherhood without Banners who helps her bring back to life. But what comes back to life is not the same Catelyn, she is cold hearted and on a spree to revenge her family. She leads the Brotherhood without Banners to the revenge against all those who were responsible for her family’s fate.

Viewers have been waiting for return of Lady Stark since season 3, just after the red wedding but she never returns. Maybe the show producers didn’t want to fill the show with recursions and keep the plot exclusive for everyone’s beloved Jon but season 6 has been giving signals for the return.

The show producers have been neglecting any such possibility and said that there is not much scope for her return and she is dead, not coming back at all, but this is what was said about Jon Snow. Jon’s return wasn’t much bigger kept secret as everyone guessed it before the show only. Maybe this is the time the show producers do something unpredicted. The return of Lady Stark will bring a new turn the events happening in seven kingdoms and she will surely become the strength of Stark House, who is uniting again to revenge their fallen home. Looks like Game of Thrones has some exciting plots to reveal this time.