Three Facts about Preacher you should know

AMC’s newest series, based on the 90’s comic of the same name, Preacher is making lots of buzz. The pilot looked amazing and we are sure that it’s going to be one helluva ride. Story of a Preacher with dark past, one drug addicted vampire and a kickass woman, Preacher has bring 90’s charm again to the fan boys. We have covered some facts about the new AMC super-hit, do check the following:

Hellblazer has inspired The Character

The character of Preacher is inspired by Hellblazer. Garth Ennis has worked on a few other well know comic book and hellblazer was also one of them. But this doesn’t mean it is somehow connected to Hellblazer and Preacher is a totally different story altogether.

Seth Rogen is Co-Director

Yes, it’s not a comedy and Seth Rogeth is co-directing pilot episode because he has been a fan of the comic book since childhood and is very passionate about the project. He will surely help keep the character’s soul alive and we are looking forward to it.

Religion Plays an Important Role

Name must suggest show’s connection to the religion but what might surprise viewers that religion is not just a concept in the series but it’s real and it’s everywhere.

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