Accept it – Starks are what makes Games of Throne Interesting

Sixth season of Game of Thrones is near its end, House Stark has been destroyed and the last one standing got no army, no matching power to other houses and their household castle is rules by Boltons who have taken upon their seat as Wardens of the North. Still, Game is Thrones is much more interesting when Starks are on the screen.

House Stark was dismantled after the execution of Ned Stark and red wedding killed the remaining hope for all of the North but they never stopped looking for revenge and take back what’s theirs. All the brother and sisters have been away from each other but never stopped working for the one goal that will bring their glory back to Winterfell.

Game of Thrones doesn’t have a storyline based on a typical Hero. Ned was one of such hero who could have been center of all the happening but was cut down in first episode itself. If you look closely, there are no pure villains either, just a bunch of powerful people fighting to take control of it all in their own ways.

In some ways, I think about whether this is the show perceiving something principal: For the same number of sidebars and digressions as the account strays on, and for as pleasant the same number of those storylines may be, Game of Thrones has dependably been the tale of two families, the Starks and the Lannisters.

Seasons four and five of the show regularly got stalled in pointless story diversions and unending status shifts. Yet, now, in season six, characters like the Starks and Daenerys have at last risen up out of the underworld of uncertainty and ventured again into the light. It's taken always for them to arrive, however now that they're here, it feels all the more earned.