Blood of My Blood: Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6 Recap

Sixth episode of Game of Thrones aired tonight and it left many viewers wondering if the show is coming to an end. It is said that only two seasons are left for the show and if true, we can expect much more from each episode. Episode six of season six revealed a lot about the past and give hope of upcoming events in the fantasy land of westros.

The episode starts with Meera dragging Bran through the forest running from midgets’ army. Brans continues to see previous events including Mad kind getting slewed by Jamie Lannister. Both are saved by a clock rider save them from widgets and ride away.

Sam and Gilly arrived at Horn Hill and met Sam’s family. Sam’s father didn’t greet them nicely and Gilly sees how poorly he was treated before joining Night’s Watch. Same leaves in night with Gilly and his father’s sword asking his father to come after him if he wants the sword back.

Tommen meets Margaery and they are afraid for what’s coming next for them. Margaery tells him that she is not afraid and ready to face her fate. They talk about her brother and she tells that she loves him dearly.

Arya sneaks into the theater performance but fails to kill the actress. Arya is forces to hide as the other girl is coming after her. Tyrells and Lannisters have joined forces to save Margery from the walk and marches into the city as Janie Lannister leads the army to High Sparrow. High Sparrow stops the walk and announce that there will be no as Margery has brought new faith into seven kingdoms. Tommen strips Jamie of his ranks and send him away from Kings Landing.

The mysterious rider prepares the meal and it is revealed that he was sent by Three Eyed Raven and the rider is indeed Benjen Stark. He informs bran how he got stabbed with ice sword but was saved before he could turn completely into White Walker. Danny announces that she is going to take westros with the help of her army and dragons.