Game of Thrones Season six Episode 7: Here is what are expecting

Game of thrones season 6 episodes 7 wasn’t as exciting as the rest of series and left viewers left looking for more information. Season 7 trailer is out and let’s discuss about what we are expecting from The Broken Men.

Jeremy has arrived at Riverrun along with Bronn and a most likely they are standing on the verge of a war. Jon goes on recruiting north for battle against Boltons with Sansa at his side and gives a speech to wildings, asking them to join him in the battle. Looks like Hound is back and Arya is left to make an important decision. Sam continues his journey along with his family.

A post from reddit suggested that Jon is going to be next King of the North and other houses will support him with the help of Sansa. This also brings us at the point where Winterfell will be taken back from Boltons and a war will ensure the fate of winning house. We all hate Boltons equally but thinking of them as weak will be a mistake so we are hoping that this season is going to leave us with some major events.