Margaery Tyrell - Game of Thrones' Most Rogue Character

Margaery Tyrell accepted is season two that she doesn’t want to be any queen, she want to be The Queen and she has done it, although she had to marry three Baratheon Kings. She has played the Game of Thrones better than anyone else and is winning almost every move until now, except when she lost to Cersei at the hands of  High Sparrow but Season six of Game of Thrones brings her back to the game and looks like she is taking over faith militants now.

Margaery is against one of the most powerful character of Game of Thrones and she has somehow managed to survive Cersei’s wrath, about her it is said that she always gets what she wants, no matter how. Margaery is cleaver and use her femininity to good use to cover her plans and ambition and doesn’t let small things come in her way to achieve greater goals. She loves and her family and her brother is very dear to her, this is why she tolerated him sleeping with her first husband.

Be that as it may, it's not simply men that Margaery comprehends she needs to win over – rather, she is energetic to be a companion to all. She even did the unimaginable and become a close acquaintence with Sansa, her previous adversary for Joffrey's hand – offering her cake, sharing confidences, and transforming herself into a fabulous more seasoned sister. Yes, clearly Margaery was feeling genuine sympathy for the dispossessed young lady – yet her activities likewise adequately guaranteed Sansa's faithfulness, killing any danger acted by her position like the last surviving Stark.

Yet, of late, in spite of the fact that her family fidelity is immovable, Margaery has split far from her grandma's direction, exhibiting that she can move the rough way to control all alone. She even has the famously tricksy High Sparrow eating out of her hand. Tackling the pioneer of the confidence is a strong move, yet she won't do it with savage power. Rather she'll perform it her path - with shrewd appeal, empathy and a solid measurement of backtalk. All hail Queen Margaery.