Me Before You: Big Faces and Small Wonders

There are movies that are just one time watch and you forget about those just after you come out of the hall, Me Before You is just that movie. The only thing good about the movie are the big stars and some good acting at some points.

This is first feature film directed by Thea Sharrock and the lack of experience can be seen clearly. Bases on Jojo Moyes’s novel of the same name, the movie fails to deliver the charm it had in the book. Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin are the stars of Me Before You but they are unable to save the charm.

So Emilia is playing Louisa, a waitress who lost her job and accepts another to take care of a paralyzed. Eventually both developed chemistry between them and things seems going smooth. Matthew Lewis is playing Lousia’s boyfriend and their relationship is feeling off but it seems this was kept in film just to show how compatible are Louisa and Will together.

Sam Claflin has done some justice with his role as Will but we were expecting much more from Emilia. The only good thing in movies is little bit of laughter that comes out of Lou. Overall not a bad one time watch but disappoint because everyone was expecting much more.