Suicide squad - The Highest Grossing Movie in US

Suicide Squad is the latest instalment in the DC extended universe filmography. Directed by David Ayer, the film received mixed critical reaction but somehow managed to make the producers happy with the worldwide collections. They were still below expectations though, but given the lacklustre response the film received, its just okay.

The film opened fine and in the North American box office alone, the film raked in about USD 65 million on the opening Friday. But the initial reviews for the film showed in a drop in the earnings and the film could only manage about 100 millions by the end of first weekend. But speaking overall, the film presently holds a worldwide gross of 700 million in about 5 weeks of its theatrical run. In the US alone, the film grossed 307.4 millions and the rest came from the outside parts of the world. The total budget of the film was USD 375 Millions (including the high profile marketing and PR) and the collections are quite on the better side keeping in mind the hate from all over. The diehard DC fans managed to save the film and their loyalty kept the film alive at the box office.

When it comes to earning, the film had the worldwide opening of USD 267 million which was a new record for a superhero movie released in the month of August. This also happens to the second greatest opening amount raked in by any DC product after Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The south American box office was also in favour of the movie as it lags behind only Batman V Superman in terms of the highest earning movie ever. It got 35 million in Brazil and ruled the charts there. It was also received well in China, Ireland, UK, India, Mexico and Australia, pretty much everywhere where Hollywood is a very important commodity.