The Conjuring 2 Review: Horror has a British Accent Now!

The Conjuring 2 hit the theaters this week. This is the second installment of the hit franchise and in one line – louder & scarier version of the first one. James Wan is undoubted one of the most successful horror director of this ear and he has done an amazing job keeping the loose end tights. He has successfully made anticipation to the end and delivers an overall good movie.

The storyline is same – one haunted house and spirits keeps doing stuff to scare the shit out of the family, especially the kids. Lorraine and Ed Warren reach to solve the mystery but this time it’s not going to be that simple. This movie is based on a true story from North London in 19th century and the lead cast has done justice to their roles.

Some of the scenes in movie are pure scary but sometime it feels torture, in a fun way. The music is spine chilling and you can feel the scare up until your bones. They story might be little loose but good direction and screenplay makes up for it. Although this might have been one really great movie if is the story was as strong. James Wan is one talented director and he is just getting better with every release. We surely are looking for his next hit and hope he picks a matching storyline.