Warcraft Review - Paula Patton is the best thing about this one

Warcarft is based on the popular video game – The World of Warcraft and its obvious it already had a large audience that stormed the theaters as soon as it released. . But we must say Warcraft is just an average movie – neither great nor boring. The director made good efforts and was able to hang the story pretty well in balance.

There are few very good things about the movie and Paula Patton’s performance is surely the best. Playing half human and half Orc, she managed to charm the audience. She had a pretty big role to play and she did justice to the expectations. However, we are slightly disappointed by the other actors.

Warcraft is the sort of motion picture that'll make a man need to haul out their headphones as it screens, just to make sense of what in the damnation is going on. The visuals are insane and this is the exact reason Warcraft has been able to do so much at box office just in one week. The movie has made $45 million in China but it shouldn’t surprise because a large part of players of The World of Warcarft are Chinese.