Watch Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5 Trailer Online and Predictions

Game of Throne Season 5 is already halfway through and it's getting more interesting with every step. Looks like we are sitting on a massive war and the seven kingdoms have a lot to face in near future. Powers have been shifted to new characters and It’s going to be interesting to see who actually make good use of newly acquired strength.

Here is trailer of Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5 for you to watch online and our predictions:



Sansa meets Littlefinger again but looks like this time she is one with upper hand. Littlefinger has been using her ever since and last time they see each other was when Lord Petyr Baelish handed her over to Boltons for the wedding. Sansa questions him about Ramsey Bolton and this time Littlefinger will have to pick his words with caution, because Brienne is standing right beside her with a valyrian steel sword in her hand.

Iron Island are finally seeing some action with Yara claiming throne for herself. It is going to be interesting since the priest already warned her that people might reject her claim and Euron Greyjoy already wants the throne for himself. Arya is still in the house of unknown and looks like she is ready for another lesson. We have high hope for Arya’s storyline and waiting to see where this leads.

Tyrion and Varys are seen with a mystery woman who wears same robe and necklace as Red Woman and looks like they are looking for her help to maintain peace in Mareen. Daenerys is back to action after escaping and enough Dothraki soldiers at her back. She shouldn't have any problem taking Mareen back from Sons of Hapri, ho has been terrorising the city since long.

However, most unsettling news for Westeros is return of White Walkers. Bran is having visions of an army lead by the king of White Walkers and Meers is trying to get him back to reality. Looks like time s near for Westros to forget about everything and come together for an epic battle.