What are Orcs and where do they came from

Orcs have been an important part of fantasy world, entertaining all of us in a lot of Medieval stories and movies. Yes, those looks ugly and almost everyone hate them but you got to admit that it won’t be same without them. Talk of Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit or upcoming Warcarft, Orcs have always created problems for our heroes and bring an epic turn to the stories.

Where did they come from?

Origin of Orcs has been controversial with no finite story but they were introduced by J. R. R. Tolkien in his books first and he even gave some idea about the origin of these mystery creatures. The Silmarillion published a story after the death of Tolkien about where these came from along with some other theories. Most popular theory of their origin is that they were made by Morgoth sorcery, using stone and slime. Another popular opinion is that these are descendent of East Elves and Melkor corrupted their bodies and souls.

The word Orc came from “urco” which mean bogeyman, something that provokes fear among others. Orcs hate almost everything, including themselves and serve their masters just out of fear and rage that keeps them going. Goblins are also decedents of Orcs or it might also be the other way around.

Nobody is certain about the origin of these creatures, but that doesn’t stop filmmakers from adoption them into their stories and creations. Warcraft shows great deal for Orc society and you can watch Warcraft online at this link.