Worst Kept Secrets of Games of Throne and Future Predictions

The whole world knows about this and has been talking nothing else but Jon Snow. The favorite bastard is back from the dead. Fans from all over the world have been making theories about Jon Snow coming back from last 10 months but anyone who is related to the snow denied it repeatedly and said that Jon Snow is very dead. There were reports of Harrington filming with the crew but nobody knows the truth until this Sunday.

Game of throne runners made so much effort to keep this a secret. Apparently a nickname was given to Jon Snow and nobody was allowed to utter the word Jon Snow, ever, unless it’s a part of on-screen dialogue. They gave him nickname LC (shirt for Lord Commander) and this is what they have been calling all along. LC was the name mentioned in scripts and everywhere else and not jon SNow. Even show producers were forbidden to say the word Jon Snow and used LC instead. Carice van Houten, who plays Melisandre in the show and spent quite some time with naked body of Jon Snow for the recursion scene washing it gave LC another acronym, much naughtier (Someone reported it meant Long Cock).


A photo appeared from the shooting location and it shows Jon Snow in traditional Stark armour, not the black of Night’s Watch. It might be possible that Jon Snow’s watch has been ended with his death and now he is back to take his revenge.