Release Date: 2017-09-08
  Rating: 0.0
  MPAA Rating: R
  Genre: Action, Drama
  Runtime: 90 minutes
  Country: USA
  Language: English
  Tags: Elevator, 2000s, Manhattan, New York City, September 11 2001

9/11 is an upcoming 2017 American movie, which is based on the real incident of 9/11 where a plane hit the World Trade Center’s North tower killing numbers of innocent people. The plot focuses on the five people who are also the victims of 9/11 incident that shook the whole world. They begin their day with the normal daily stuffs and finally commute to their workplace but destiny had evil plans for them. The five of them were trapped inside an elevator of the above-mentioned tower, stranger to the chaos outside the elevator. Together, they keep faith within themselves and try to maintain hope while encouraging each other.