Beauty and the Beast

  Release Date: 2017-03-17
  Rating: 8.0
  MPAA Rating: PG
  Genre: Romance, Family
  Runtime: 129 minutes
  Country: USA
  Language: English
  Tags: Disney, Remake, Reference To Walt Disney, Live Action, France

Beauty and the Beast is an American live action retelling of the very popular Disney tale depicting the love between a monster like man and a very beautiful girl. Belle, a pretty young woman is taken hostage by a beast due to some unavoidable circumstances. She hates him at first, for who he is inside out. Belle is extremely scared of the animalistic presence of the beast that she overlooks the inner traits of him. As she spends more and more time into the palace and befriends the staff members at his massive house, she realizes that his true beauty lies inside. Things take massive turns and it doesn’t take her long after that to fall in love with him, for who he really is from the inside, a kind being. Gatson, is the villain who loves coming across as a hero at first as he intends to get Belle her freedom, and is on search for her and wants to kill the beast to secure her for himself. The film deals with the themes of love, fake appearances and friendship.