Blade Runner 2049

  Release Date: 2017-10-06
  Rating: 0.0
  MPAA Rating: R
  Genre: Thriller
  Runtime: 163 minutes
  Country: UK, USA, Canada
  Language: English
  Tags: Second Part, Year In Title, Three Word Title, Cyberpunk, Female Protagonist

Blade Runner 2049 is an upcoming American science fiction film is the latest blade runner named officer K who works for the Los Angeles Police Department. He embarks on a journey to unveil the evil secrets that could put an end to the innocent lives of many people and destroy humanity. While moving forward with the case he discovers about the disappearance of the former blade runner about thirty years back whose name was Rick Deckard. The movie won the best teaser award and the Most anticipated of 2017 in the Golden Trailer Awards and IndieWire Critic’s Poll respectively.