Release Date: 2016-09-07
  Rating: 7.5
  MPAA Rating: PG-13
  Genre: Drama, History, War
  Runtime: 113 minutes
  Country: France, Germany
  Language: French, German
  Tags: Death, Grave, Voice Over Letter, Goodbye At Train Station, Goodbye Kiss

Frantz is a German romantic drama film and the story takes place right after the times of the First World War and loosely based on a 1932 titles Broken Lullaby. Both the films deal with more or less the same themes and the events featured in the film are also quite the same for the most part. The high on emotions film is shot in black and white and tells the story of a young German woman who lost her fiancé to the French armies during the war and comes to his grave everyday to pay her respects. One day while visiting the grave, she comes across a very mysterious French man who apparently is also there to pay his respects to the deceased man. They start talking and when she comes to know of his French connection, she becomes annoyed in his presence. What would she do? Would she just forgive him by understanding that in a war, nobody is innocent and nobody is a culprit? The war itself is the biggest enemy of all. The film deals with the themes of love, heartbreak, passion and patriotism