My Scientology Movie

  Release Date: 2017-03-10
  Rating: 6.7
  MPAA Rating:
  Genre: Documentary
  Runtime: 99 minutes
  Country: UK, USA
  Language: English
  Tags: Scientology, Brainwashing, Religious Cult, Dianetics, Ex Scientologist

My Scientology movie is an American film taking on the sensitive issue of scientology and recreates a very violent incident through the eyes of a senior church official. The director hires some real actors to portray the characters of the witnesses. The church had strongly condemned making of the film and had kept the director and the crew under surveillance. The film takes on an event involving a senior church official who went violent. The documentary faced a lot of problems and is finally getting released after a long haul of 2 years. The film ran into a lot of trouble thanks to its highly objectionable content which caused an obvious distress among the churches across the country. The filmmaker Theroux said that the film was stuck for a lot of time due to church’s objection with the subject matter. He was even advised to make the film as a fiction film but he denied saying that would have killed the realism and the authenticity which comes with the nonfiction style of filmmaking