The Wild Life

  Release Date: 2016-09-09
  Rating: 5.3
  MPAA Rating: PG
  Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Animation, Family
  Runtime: 91 minutes
  Country: Belgium, France
  Language: English, French, German
  Tags: Cat, Parrot, Storm, Bullying, Talking To An Animal

The American 3D animation film follows the story of Mak, a parrot and some of his friends as they are leading a very happy and peaceful life. They have enough food there and water, and more than enough sources to lead a happy and content Mak however is the crazy one among them and he soon starts to get bored of his monotonous life. The real adventure then begins as Mak goes out of the place in order to explore more of the world and what happens then forms the core premise of the story.