Release Date: 2017-09-15
  Rating: 7.4
  MPAA Rating:
  Genre: Drama, Romance, Mystery, Thriller
  Runtime: 116 minutes
  Country: Norway, France, Denmark, Sweden
  Language: Norwegian
  Tags: Lesbian Kiss, Female Lead, One Word Title, Character Name In Title

Thelma is a Norwegian horror fantasy film which tells the story about a normal small town girl named Thelma as she develops some supernatural abilities. She comes from a lower middle class highly religious household and enters the big college at the Oslo University, where she falls in love for the first time. She manages to attract her lover to her somehow, but this also causes some extreme seizure attacks, which she doesn’t understand. Soon she finds out that she is developing some supernatural abilities and that she has a very dark past which her parents have successfully hid from her all these years.